December 3, 2021


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[E-BOOK] A Piece of an Inky Mind: An Anthology By Babalola ‘Kash’ Michael

[E-BOOK] A Piece of an Inky Mind: An Anthology

[E-BOOK] A Piece of an Inky Mind: An Anthology

We will only be denying ourselves the reality of bliss if all we see in love is ruse, Maybe it’s you who needs to check the beliefs you hold of this essential, what’s the facade in love if a mother could love without holding back, where is this farce in the different stories we have heard about love, if sacrifices beyond common knowledge has been made for people on this table of serendipity that happens to us all.

I’m a product of what true love is, a testament of it’s existence, Love is beyond emotions but also a way of living which is why I  present to you “A Piece of an Inky Mind“ an anthology that takes us on an adventure of love and it’s ingredients. Its beauties, ups and downs, and how one evolves with love. 

Release date: February 14, 2021


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