Alter Ego (2017)

Alter Ego tells a story of a successful lawyer who has dedicated a great part of her professional life to prosecuting sex offenders. She adopts any measure possible to see that sex offenders, especially, those who molest children are jailed.

Ada Igwe (Omotola Jalade) does not only rely on the law to exert punitive measures on offenders as she also uses orthodox methods to make sure those she finds guilty of child molestation and sex offences pay for their crimes. Her quest for justice is influenced by her personal childhood experience as she was raped by her teacher in school.

However, her drive to punish sex offenders is impeded by her high craves for sex. Situation that is beyond her control. She engages her domestic as well as official workers in sex to quench her urge whenever she feels the cravings, irrespective of the time and place.

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